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Your swim will be electronically timed using Timing Chips, it is important to ensire your details are correct at registration for Date of Birth and category you are entered into; Skins (Non Wet Suit) or Wet Suit.  If you are using flippers or other forms of aids please ensure you let the registration know as you will be ineligible for trophies, however you are still eligible for spot prizes.

Should you lose your timing chip there will be a charge of $50 to replace it 

Please review the following, you are able to purchase a velcro strap form registration for $2.00 and retain it for all swims, it can be used for other events that have timing chips used.

For Disposable strap fitting

active tag disposable strap fitting r2.pdf


For Velcro strap fitting

active tag velcro fitting.pdf

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