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Rangitoto Swim 

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RANGITOTO ISLAND TO ST HELIERS BAY BEACH - 4.6KM                                                      

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Dear Competitor,

Thank you for entering this swim. We include below our instructions and points of interest that will help ensure that your swim is safe and enjoyable for all. Remember, the purpose of the swims is for personal achievement and the promotion of fun, fitness and water safety through open water harbour swimming.

For many swimmers this swim is the culmination of much training, endurance and personal goal achievement. - Congratulations.  A very special welcome to those from outside Auckland and our overseas entrants. Entries are limited to 380 by the space available on the ferries.  At this stage the swim is fully subscribed.  Late entries will only be availa……..





REGISTRATION  is by the big boat outside the Maritime museum in Quay st from 6.15am .  The ferries leave for Rangitoto at approximately 7:30



After 6:45am unclaimed ferry seats may be reallocated to late entries.


If this may affect you please contact us to make alternative arrangements. 






1              While every endeavour will be made to ensure your safety Auckland Central Masters and its sponsors, do not accept liability for any misadventure or accidents.  All swimmers enter and swim at their own risk.  If you have any doubts about your physical ability please consult your Doctor.

2              Point of Assembly.  Please assemble at 6.15 am in Quay Street along from the Ferry Buildings at the entrance to the Maritime Museum at the 'KZI' yacht by Hobson Wharf.  This is where you will be issued with your swimming number, swim cap, timing chip and your ticket for the Ferry to Rangitoto Island.

It is absolutely important that all registered entries have reported in by 6.45 am or risk losing their place on the boat.  Sorry - no refunds.






At approximately 7.00am you will be asked to move to the ferry which will leave from the main ferry building.  Do NOT move towards the ferry until you are told to.


3              Boarding Preparation.  Before you move toward the Ferry Buildings please ensure the following:

a)            Swimmers will only be allowed to board the ferry wearing their togs/wetsuits/jandals (not shoes), a t-shirt, swimming caps, and carrying small personal effects.  No sweatshirts/tracksuits etc.  Each swimmer must provide a small plastic bag to pack their personal items in for return to St Heliers.  This gear is returned to St Heliers in a small Coastguard boat and space is at a premium.  Please respect this request as excess gear will not be permitted on the ferry and will be removed from you before boarding and sent to the finish at St Heliers by truck.

b)            Please leave all unnecessary clothing and gear with your friends or alternatively it can be placed in the truck for delivery to the finish at St Heliers.




  • A Tshirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Wetsuit lube if required
  • Jandals (only if required)
  • A small plastic bag to put it all in.

Some people will have special requirements and arrangements can be made for this.

Do not expect to take any more than this on the boat.


c)            Swimmers are not permitted to apply any greases or lotions prior to boarding or during the ferry trip over.  You will have time to apply these at Rangitoto before the start.

d)            You will be told when to proceed toward the Ferry Buildings and prepare for boarding.  Before boarding you will be asked to surrender your ticket.  NO TICKET, NO BOARDING, NO EXCUSES!!!

e)            Rangitoto is a sensitive ecological area and biosecurity is critical.  Please ensure that you are not carrying any seeds, insects or animals in your equipment.

4         Departure

a)            We will board at 7.15 am.  The Ferry will then leave for Rangitoto.  

b)            Only participating swimmers will be allowed on the Ferry.


5            Arrival at Rangitoto Wharf

a)            Please get yourself ready for the start of the swim as soon as possible (ie.  greasing up, apply sunscreen etc.)

b)            Place anything which you want returned to St Heliers in the small plastic bag you have provided and place it in the numbered rubbish bag which corresponds to your swim number

c)            At this stage you will be told the final instructions for getting ready to start the swim (ie.  your groups, luggage and entry into the water).

d)            Please ensure you leave Rangitoto tidy.  Make sure you put all rubbish in bins and bags provided.

e)            The swim will start at approximately 9.00 am from the Rangitoto Wharf.  It will be a mass deepwater start.  PLEASE STAY WITHIN 50m OF THE WHARF WHEN YOU ENTER THE WATER.  We advise you to self seed for the start.


6            During the Swim

a)            The Coastguard and canoeists are shepherding you across a very busy shipping channel and to do that they must limit the spread of the field.  If you find yourself continually swimming into a canoe it will be because they are trying to stop you heading in the wrong direction.  Stop and accept their advice.  It is a condition of entry that you can be asked to leave the water if you persist in swimming in the wrong direction.

b)            Except by special arrangement no swimmer will be allowed to be personally escorted across the harbour by their own canoe or boat.  This creates a hazard to official support vessels and other swimmers and gives an unfair advantage if with leading swimmers.

c)            Should you require assistance during the swim please raise one arm to attract attention before you become too exhausted.

d)            If any swimmer is not making suitable progress across the harbour they will be removed from the water at the Coast Guard’s and/or the organisers discretion.  Nominal cutoff time is 2.5 hours after start but swimmers making slow progress may be asked to leave the water before that time if they are stretching the resources of Coastguard.


7          At the Finish.  The finish this year is in the middle of St Heliers Bay Beach.  Aim for the Brick toilet             block.  Refreshments and prize giving will be in the VELLENOWETH GREEN the            reserve             opposite the changing sheds on the other side of Tamaki Drive.                 

a)            As you finish your number and time will be recorded.  Do not interrupt or ask your time from the Timekeepers.  All results will be available at the completion of the swim and on the Website www.aucklandharbourswims.org.nz 

b)            There are no hot showers available for the swimmers at the finish of this swim.  However, there are changing sheds and a cold shower.  Please take warm clothing for after the swim.  This should include a hat, sun block, etc.  Collect your bags/gear from the designated area.

c)            St Johns ambulance people will be in attendance at the finish if you require them.

e)            There will be a Barbecue at the completion of the swim where the prizes will be announced and handed out. 

f)             If you wear a wet suit you will not be eligible for the Trevor Eagle Memorial Cup.  However vouchers are awarded to the winners of the wet suit division and there will be a spot prize draw.

g)            As you come out of the water you will be given a ticket. This can be exchanged at the tent next to the Prizegiving for a momento of this year’s swim.



8               Cancellation

Will be broadcast over Newstalk ZB.  Unfortunately, as all suitable tides after this event will clash with other harbour events, we have not been able to arrange an alternative date should we have to cancel due to adverse conditions (see cancellation conditions on entry form). 


9            Extra Information - ask your friends, or check the website www.aucklandharbourswims.org.nz Alternatively - phone Paul Gulley a/h on:  09-8288176 or 022-3105195.      Don’t leave it to the last minute.



Optional - your choice for comfort, speed, etc.  There is a wetsuit and a non-wetsuit division which recognises the differences in performance.  “speed suits” must be FINA recognized to qualify for the non wetsuit division i.e. they must be made from fabric and they must have the FINA approval marked on them.

If it looks like a wetsuit and smells like a wetsuit the timekeepers will assume that it is a wetsuit.  If you are wearing a legal speed suit it is your responsibility to make sure that you are marked as non wetsuit by the timekeepers.


10.       And finally – Good Luck.  See you at the swim (and hope your eyesight is still ok after having read the             small print!).




PAUL GULLEY – Auckland central Masters Harbour swim Committee


The course

Rangitoto Wharf to St Heliers Bay. Total distance 4.6km.


The iconic swim on Auckland Harbour just over 4½ km across the channel to be greeted by hundreds of supporters on the beach.

When and where

Date: Sunday 19 March 2017
Assemble: 6:45 am outside the Maritime Museum on the corner of Quay St and Hobson St
Embark: 7:30 am on Fullers’ ferry at ferry terminal on Quay St. Sail for Rangitoto arrive 8:15am.
Start time: 9:00 am
Tide: 1:05 pm
Nominal cutoff time: 2.5 hrs
Prize giving: Vellanoweth Green, St Heliers Bay
Rangitoto Island
Rangitoto Island is a predator free zone administered by DOC.  Ensure that your clothes/luggage es free of pests before you embark.

The Logistics

Swimmers may take only essentials to the Island as everything must be returned to the mainland and we have one coastguard RIB to carry it.

We suggest the most you should take is what you are swimming in plus sunscreen, wetsuit lube, drink(no glass bottles) and t shirt if necessary.  Take a small plastic bag to put it in.  We provide numbered rubbish bags at Rangitoto, one per 15 swimmers.  Put your small bag in the rubbish bag corresponding to your start number and all will be transported to the finish

We will not allow luggage in excess of this on the ferry.  Excess baggage must be surrendered prior to boarding the ferry and It will be transported directly to the finish.

If you have a valid reason for more luggage please contact us before the event.

Entry criteria

Entry fee and conditions


There will also be a substantial spot prize draw for all entrants.

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