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Bays Swim

Sunday 4 December 2016


Sunday 19 March 2017

Fine Ocean Swimmers - Biggest prize in Open Water Swimming in New Zealand!!!  - 

oceanswims.com introduced the fine ocean swimmers series New Zealand in 2014/15.   


Brent Foster has won the fine ocean swimmers series NZ after finishing the series as he started it: by coming 2nd in Auckland to Phillip Ryan. Way back on December 13, Foster ran 2nd to Ryan at the Auckland City Masters Bays Swim. In Auckland on April 10, he ran 2nd to Ryan at the ACM Rangitoto Swim. Ryan scored 100 fine ocean swimmers series points each time. But they are the only series swims he did, so while he finished on 200 points from two swims, he was in the end almost 400 points behind Foster, and failed to qualify by not completing four of the series' six swims.


Foster beat last year's finest ocean swimmer, Bruce Smith, into 2nd place. It's another outstanding performance by Smith, in his 7th decade, while Foster is in his 5th.


Foster now gets the choice of one of two travel packages - to Vanuatu for Espiritu Santo Swim Week in May-June, . The travel package that Foster does not take will then go to a draw of the remaining qualifying swimmers.  That prize has gone to Andrew Cave, Andrew did 4 of the swims included in the series.  Andrew has won the trip to the Mana Fiji SwimFest in October.


Herne Bay To
Watchmans Island

Saturday 29 October 2016


Sunday 26 February 2017

Zoggs Ocean Walker Marathon Swim

Sunday 16 April 2017


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Cathedral Cove Swim




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